Terminating in Blackest Air

by Cole Peters

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This is the first recording I have released under my own name.

For several years, I have been recording harsh noise under the moniker Gomeisa, and ambient drones under the name Secret Girls. While I enjoyed my time producing music under these various guises (and met some moderate successes with both), I feel the time has come to stop placing a conceptual barrier between myself and the music I create, and to lift the limitations of thematically-oriented sound projects. With this release, both Gomeisa and Secret Girls are now officially closed.

The two extended tracks that make up this release had been laying dormant on my hard drive for some time before I finally decided to publish them — they didn't fit the harsh or texturally abrasive vibe of Gomeisa, nor did they completely meld with the thematics behind Secret Girls. Both draw on my love of deep tonality, drones and vertical composition; neither of them hold any deep meaning. Both are built around stacks of micro-loops and layers of electronics, crafted over several late-night sessions; neither of them represent the sonic investigations I'm pursuing as I write this, though this is not to say future recordings won't return to this style of composition.

Play it loud on bass-heavy headphones.

Thanks for listening.


released May 14, 2013




Cole Peters London, UK

Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Currently based in London, England.

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